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Dealing with Katrina Trauma


Susan Sugar, LCSW


This week’s show is dedicated to the thousands of people who have lost lives, lost loved ones and lost homes and all that is familiar in their life in the Gulf Coast area. I send a special prayer to my friends Kera Moseley, her husband Derek Pociask and their 5 year old son Evan.  Their home is in the flooded area of New Orleans and they have not yet responded to email.  Like the vast majority of those in the area, they are caring and loving people and I pray for the well-being of all the victims and rescue workers.

Topic: Dealing With Katrina Trauma

In the wake of the devastation of the Gulf Coast, we'll discuss how to deal with the trauma of natural and human-made catastrophe.

Guest: Susan Sugar, LCSW

Susan is in private practice in Phoenix, AZ specializing in breaking through the adult impacts of childhood trauma (as opposed to more current trauma issues), including physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuses. She also works quite a bit with grief and complicated grief, "codependent" type issues, life transitions, anxiety and depression. And, of course, she has worked with those who have experienced more recent traumas such as car accidents, witness trauma, and assault. She works with recovering people (addicts and alcoholics) but usually after they are stable and looking for the second stage of recovery.

Susan is the EMDRIA Regional Coordinator for the state of Arizona where I maintain a central communication point for EMDR therapists to communicate with each other and to keep up to date on EMDR goings on within the state as well as workshops and trainings all over.


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