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Coming Out


Honey Ward


Topic: Coming Out

image copyright Keith Haring, 1988Generational differences of the coming out experience for Lesbians and Gay Men - The 1970s through 2002.

If you are questioning whether you really need to come out to others, remember that it is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. It is also a powerful thing you can do for others, as public opinion shows that people who know someone gay are more likely to support our quest for equality. Coming out may be one step in your life but it contributes to a giant leap for all GLBT people, today and in the future.

Coming out to yourself is the first part of your journey. If the idea of coming out is new to you, however, you may wonder what exactly does "coming out" mean? How do you know if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? What are the facts about sexuality and gender identity? How can you tell if you are bisexual? What does transgender mean?

After coming out to yourself, a common next step is to come out to others. Some people find that testing the waters before coming out to friends and family is helpful. Others find that coming out online is a good way to begin talking to others. Some GLBT people also must navigate how to come out to their children.

Even after coming out to yourself and the important people in your life, you will find that coming out is a lifelong journey that requires that you make frequent decisions about whether to come out to someone new. For example, GLBT people must make coming-out decisions in the workplace, the military, with a health care provider and in a place of worship. Coming out truly is a never-ending journey.

Guest: Honey Ward

For more than twenty years, nationally known speaker, seminar leader, corporate trainer, and program facilitator Honey Ward has inspired thousands of people to reach their optimal personal and professional effectiveness. Fundamentally, her programs encourage people to love themselves and others, as a result of which they live more powerfully, become more aware of their own vision and self-determination, and make a positive difference in the world through their work and service.

Ward began her journey in personal transformation in 1979, with workshops offered by The Experience, a non-profit educational organization. Her skill and love of supporting and empowering others inspired her to become a facilitator of The Experience programs in 1987. From 1995 to 2001 she served as president of the organization.

Ward has led hundreds of programs throughout America, encouraging people to tap into their personal reservoirs of truth, integrity, and innate wisdom. As a result of insights and information gained through participation in her seminars, individuals, businesses, organizations, and families function more powerfully and compassionately. People from all walks of life participate in coursework led by Ward, where they gain tools for their own transformation. The universally applicable tenets enhance aspects of the personal, community, and workplace environments, producing desired results in relationships; leadership; understanding and appreciation of diversity; awareness of the impact of personal style; committed communication; and powerful, goal-oriented teambuilding. Fellows of the Kellogg Foundation and executives of Microsoft, Lotus, Pulaski Bank, and Equant are among those whose companies have benefited from these seminars.

Ward has held board positions and leadership roles in many organizations and projects, ranging from politics to human rights. She has facilitated a wealth of meetings and events regarding financial empowerment, personal and professional effectiveness, vision crafting, relationship enhancement, self-actualization, coalition building, and leadership development. Ward's skills include raising money and rallying advocacy for issues and organizations that positively effect the human experience.

In addition to the programs she leads, Ward's wit and wisdom have made her a popular keynote speaker, and featured guest on radio and TV shows in Atlanta, Santa Fe, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major markets. Ward and her partner Sandy Davis, along with a coterie of dogs and cats, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Envision a just and peaceful world, in which all people achieve their full potential and live with love, respect and compassion.



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